I Love You For Sentimental Reasons.
My name is Tiffany. 21.

I have big plans.

I spend the majority of my time watching tv series in their entirety in short periods of time, fact-checking everything, making lists of goals I never accomplish, searching far and wide for the perfect whiskey sour, and bonding with my cats.

My heart is in East Tennessee.
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i didn’t understand the hype about wearing leggings as pants until i started wearing leggings as pants and now there’s no going back

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pumpkin spice candles soon

pumpkin lattes soon

pumpkin everything


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When are people going to stop romanticizing fucking sad things?
Why don’t you go tell someone heartbroken, crying, depressed, or some shit how poetic their pain is and see if they’re feeling particularly inspiring today.
Like what the fuck is the matter with some of you.

This thunderstorm is incredible.


need more adventurous people to hang out with and go to parks at midnight and sit on roofs at 4am and wait till the sun comes up and go skinny dipping at night and climb trees and go for picnics during the day to places we have never been before and go to waterfalls and sit up till 4am talking in our undies 

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So many fresh fruits and veggies from my Pop’s garden!

So many fresh fruits and veggies from my Pop’s garden!

Tyrion Lannister Appreciation: [Day 3] Colors → Black & Gold

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